By entering any Premium Seating venue, you agree to these terms and conditions.


You and your guests must adhere to the venue dress code at all times (maintained throughout your visit). If you are visiting multiple venues throughout the day, your attire must meet the specific venue dress code.

ranahans & THE LAZY S Western or business casual recommended.

Please ensure: Pants and jeans in good repair, skirts and dresses of reasonable length, regardless of brand and/or fit.

Not permitted: Torn or ragged clothing of any kind, shorts or rompers, novelty or offensive shirts, athletic wear, clothing that exposes midriffs, upper thighs or intended to be undergarments, or ball caps.

INFIELD SUITES & 30X SALOON Western or business casual recommended.

To protect the integrity of Premium Seating venues, management reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of attire and refuse entry if necessary.


The Member Club card is specific to ranahans or The Lazy S (only applies to one venue or the other) with the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Stampede Park admission and entry to ranahans Lounge + Patio or The Lazy S Showbar and Terrace Lounge for the cardholder only

  • Ability to sign in a maximum of five guests into ranahans Lounge + Patio or The Lazy S Showbar and Terrace Lounge, as long as the cardholder is present (Stampede Park admission for guests not included)

  • Ability to transfer card privileges to others, as long as the card is presented at the time of arrival

  • Access to ranahans Lounge + Patio or The Lazy S Showbar and Terrace Lounge even if the eventholder has issued their tickets to other guests

  • Member Club cards are to be presented to charge food and beverage to a corporate account (if applicable)

  • Access via the north GMC Stadium entrance only, subject to venue capacity and not guaranteed

Member Card does not:

  • Carry any parking privileges

  • Guarantee reserved seating; all seats are first-come, first-serve

  • Offer dining privileges in ranahans Main Dining, Loge Seating in The Lazy S or access to any of the outdoor seat decks, as these areas are reserved for ticketed guests only.


Any display of prohibited behaviour as outlined in these terms and conditions by a guest and/or company/client shall be deemed to be a breach of the rules. All guests are accountable for their own behaviour. Companies/clients who have purchased inventory n any Premium Seating venue are accountable to these terms and conditions and are responsible for advising their ticketholders, member cardholders and their guests as to the decorum policy. Disciplinary action will be determined based on the severity of any incident breaching these terms and conditions, if necessary. Further disciplinary action may be imposed on the company/client.

All guests and/or companies/clients are expected to adhere to the decorum and prohibited behaviour policy. If an incident occurs, the Calgary Stampede will advise the guest and/or company/client of the breach of rules, and subject to an investigation, the Calgary Stampede will dismiss the incident, issue a verbal warning, remove the guest and/or company/client from the venue, deem a reprimand, probation, suspension or expulsion and issue the guest and/or company/client a letter to be kept on file for future reference. All of which may be subject to further civil and/or criminal prosecution.


Guests and/or companies/clients will maintain proper decorum and be held accountable to the rules as determined by the Calgary Stampede; and treat employees, fellow guests, the operation and reputation of the venue with respect and common courtesy while occupying or as it relates to a Premium Seating venue.


Without limitation, the following behaviours are deemed to be prohibited pursuant to the rules.