No advance food or beverage ordering is required.


Eventholders must complete an event order form to provide the event host name, select a full host bar or beer and wine only host bar and advise of allergy and dietary considerations.

There are a variety of gluten-friendly and vegetarian choices throughout the menu. If you are hosting a guest with allergies or dietary considerations, please indicate their name and food sensitivity on the event order form to request a plated meal curated by our culinary team.

Event order forms are due by June 20, 2024. They are unique to each eventholder and will be available online mid-May. We'll contact each eventholder with login instructions.If your event order form has not been received by this date a full host bar will be offered. 

We are committed to managing the risk of supply and demand for food and beverage, so your cooperation in completing the form on time is very much appreciated.


The Calgary Stampede proudly embraces our agricultural roots and social responsibility by featuring ingredients from local producers and farmers.

For more information contact Kelly Angele at