Food & Beverage Charges

Infield Suites tickets include lunch or dinner, bottled water, soft drinks, juice, regular coffee and tea. Refreshing and/or refilling these items are at no additional cost. It is up to the suiteholder to choose a menu their guests will enjoy by completing an event order form in advance.

Upgrades or additions to the menu selection and additional spirits, beer or wine from our menu, made available in-suite, can be also requested in advance. Extra charges will apply and the suiteholder will be charged based on the number of servings or guests in their suite. If the event host asks for additional food or beverage not already selected on the event order form, they will need to sign-off on the additional charges at the end of the performance.

Payment cannot be made by separate individuals in the Infield Suites. Suiteholders will be responsible for all additional charges. All charges will be invoiced to the suiteholder at the conclusion of the Calgary Stampede.


A fixed gratuity of 18% will be automatically added and shown on invoices.