Responsibilities & Policies

It is our pleasure to welcome you to one of our Premium Seating venues. The Infield Suites, ranahans, 30X Saloon and The Lazy S are exclusive. You now have access to one of the most sought-after hosting venues in Calgary while being in the centre of all the action of a world-famous sporting event. 

The atmosphere and integrity of these exclusive venues are in your hands. We have outlined a number of responsibilities and policies below to help make every guest experience all that it should be. Your co-operation in following these guidelines is appreciated and expected.


An event coordinator and event host must be designated for the Infield Suites, ranahans private dining rooms, 30X Saloon semi-private and private groups and for the Executive Suites in The Lazy S.

The event coordinator is responsible for making arrangements for the guests prior to their arrival and completing an event order form. The event host is in attendance and is responsible for on-site activities. The event host also requires a ticket. The same person may fill both roles. Any challenges or special requests on event day should be reported by or handled by this person with venue management.


(Infield Suites, ranahans Private Dining, 30X Saloon, The Lazy S Executive Suites)

As an event hosts are expected to assume responsibility for guest conduct while on the premises. Only the event host can ask for additional food or beverage not already selected on the event order form. They will need to sign-off on the additional charges at the end of the event. Duplication or re-use of tickets or parking passes will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in immediate expulsion from the venue.


(ranahans, The Lazy S)

Members a with lounge or special access must accompany their guests at all times. They are expected to remain with their guests and assume responsibility for their conduct while on the premises.

Members with event tickets can give their tickets to someone to sit at their ranahans Main Dining table or in Loge Seating in The Lazy S, and do not have to be present.

Duplication or re-use of tickets, Member Club cards or parking passes will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in immediate expulsion from the venue.


1. The event host or member agrees to abide by the following rules set out by the Calgary Stampede (CS):

a) To use the hosting venue only for the purpose of viewing the event;

b) to observe all regulations pertaining to the hosting venue;

c) to observe all police, fire and sanitary regulations imposed by any governmental authorities, or made by or on behalf of fire insurance underwriters;

d) to comply with all public health and safety protocols under the guidance of Alberta Health Services to mitigate the risk of COVID-19;

e) to observe and comply with all rules. In the absence of rules, the right of any person to enter a Premium Seating venue shall be subject to the discretion of the CS or any person with apparent authority acting on its behalf who may in his absolute discretion, refuse admission to or evict any person from the venue;

f) that the right of access for the event host or member and guests to the Premium Seating venue for any event is conditional on the presentation of the appropriate ticket or Member Club card;

g) not to attach or display any signs, advertisements or notices on the interior or exterior of any of the Premium Seating venues or the viewing area thereof, but the event host or member is permitted to display its corporate logo within any private reserved area in a non-permanent manner; and

h) to keep and maintain the Premium Seating venue in first-class condition as delivered at the commencement of the event.

2. Smoking is not allowed in any Premium Seating venue or associated private seat deck or outside patio.

3. Event hosts and members are responsible for any damages caused by themselves or their guests. Damages should be reported immediately.

4. Management has the right to remove any person whose conduct is inappropriate for the Premium Seating venue.

5. CS, its employees and agents shall have the ongoing right to enter the Premium Seating venue at any and all times.

6. CS is not responsible for theft or any loss or damage to any of the property of the hosts members and/or founders, or any of their guests.


Without limitation to the types of behaviour that is prohibited by the rules, the following are examples of behaviour that will be deemed to be prohibited:

  • Vulgar or suggestive remarks, sexual jokes or stories
  • Repeated and unwelcome invitations to socialize
  • Demands for sexual favours
  • Threats, abuse or comments which show contempt for a person's gender, ethnicity, sexuality, body or other attributes
  • Visual display of suggestive images such as pornographic, sexually explicit or offensive material
  • Leering, ogling, whistling and making obscene gestures
  • Unwelcome physical contact such as (without limitation) pinching, grabbing, kissing, rubbing, massaging or caressing
  • Entering the washroom facilities of the opposite gender
  • Disorderly conduct such as yelling, spitting or hitting another person or object
  • Arguing with a employee about access to the venue or application of the dress code
  • Sitting at a table or in a reserved seat for which one does not hold a ticket or reservation
  • Any interference with the enjoyment of the venue by others
  • Any other form of sexual, physical or mental assault

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