Tickets & Guests


Depending on the size of your group, you will be issued combinations of tickets that include 12 for the Wine Room, 40 for the Private Dining Room or 28 for the Al Fresco Balcony in a bound package. You will note that the covers of the ticket books indicate event and the day. Each ticket indicates your private dining area and a corresponding seat number for the outdoor seat deck. These tickets will also admit you to the Calgary Stampede through any of the three Calgary Stampede entrance gates and to the Grandstand on the day of the event.


As ranahans is an exclusive venue with an exact number of viewing seats that correspond to the table seats, extra tickets are not available.


As a corporate hosting facility, ranahans should be treated as you would a place of business. Amenities and menu choices for young children have not been included in ranahans. Children visiting ranahans must hold a ticket at a dining table and should conduct themselves in a manner congruent with the surroundings. Parents with children not adhering to this will be asked to remove their children from the premises.


All guests must hold a ticket. Therefore no visitors are permitted.