Invitation Tool Kit

As you get ready to host your guests during the Calgary Stampede, the first place to start is to send out your invitations. We've put together an invitation tool kit with important tips, our venue logos and great images to kick-start your creative side and to get your guests into the spirit!

These tips have been put together to help you create your invite.


  • Back in the saddle!
  • Buckle down and join us...
  • Let er' rip!

Have fun with deciding on how to get the attention of your guests by using words that set the tone for the kind of hosting you plan on doing.


You are inviting guests to either the Stampede Rodeo or Evening Show. The afternoon rodeo experience is the same in all venues, but the Evening Show has a bit of a different twist depending on the venue. 

*NEW As a result of pandemic-related impacts on the 2020 and 2021 chuckwagon racing season across western Canada, the Stampede will not be able to present the Rangeland Derby as part of the 2021 Evening Show. 

For 2021 only, the Calgary Stampede has re-imagined this double-header. Broncs After Dark will be a combination of grit, glamour, live music and celebration. If you are hosting in the Infield Suites, you'll cheer on talented athletes as they compete in some of the greatest high-energy western competitions and electrifying rodeo events ever seen at the Stampede. If you are in ranahans, 30X Saloon or The Lazy S you will also enjoy the Bell Grandstand Show with The Young Canadians and adrenaline-filled performances that lead to a spectacular fireworks finale. 

We look forward to the return of thunder and thrill of chuckwagon racing in 2022. 


We are at Stampede Park, not the grounds. We are the Calgary Stampede, also referred to as The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!

Our venues have specific names and some have unique ways they are expressed when written. Be sure to call the venues by the correct name. It will help your guests find their way through directional signage when they arrive.

  • Infield Suites
  • ranahans (always with a lowercase r)
  • 30X Saloon
  • The Lazy S (always with The)


Include your date in the format Day of the Week, Month, Day, Year.

  • Example: Friday, July 8, 2022


Include the time of your event and whether it is for the Stampede Rodeo or Evening Show.

Infield Suites:

  • 12:00 p.m. for the 1:30 p.m. start of the Stampede Rodeo
  • 6:30 p.m. for the 8:00 p.m. start of Broncs After Dark

ranahans, 30X Saloon and The Lazy S:

  • 11:30 a.m. for the 1:30 p.m. start of the Stampede Rodeo
  • 6:00 p.m. for the 8:00 p.m. start of the Evening Show


Guests may be coming from out of town or are unfamiliar with our venues and locations. To ensure your guests are able to find their way, include the full venue name and directions. If you have arranged for parking, be sure to include those details.

Infield Suites: Guests can access the Infield Grandstand be entering the main doors on the west side of the Grandstand from the courtyard and proceeding to the tarmac outside the east side of the Grandstand. Guests can then cross the track from the north or south side of the Grandstand tarmac. Follow the signage to get to Infield Suite location with the suite number indicated on the digital ticket. Access is by walking only.

ranahans: ranahans is located at the north end of the third level of the Grandstand. Main and private dining guests who hold a ticket will access the venue through the well-marked private entrance to the ranahans Lobby between the north and main entrance from the Grandstand courtyard. They will be escorted to a private elevator and taken directly to the third level. ranahans Lounge + Patio guests will access the venue through the entrance (red awning) beside the north doors of the Grandstand courtyard and proceed up the escalator to the third level to enter ranahans on the north side of the venue. Access is by walking only.

The Lazy S: The Lazy S is located at the north end of the fourth level of the Grandstand. Access for all guests is through the entrance (red awning) beside the north doors of the Grandstand courtyard. All guests will access the venue from the south doors to The Lazy S via escalator to the fourth level. Access is by walking only. 

30X Saloon: 30X Saloon is located at the south end on the main level of the Grandstand. Guests should access the Grandstand by using the doors at the south end of the Grandstand courtyard. Access is by walking only.


To avoid access issues when your guests arrive, please make sure you include the dress code directly in the invitation:

Guests must adhere to the venue dress code at all times.

Men: Pants or jeans in good repair, shirts with sleeves and collars. NO shorts, NO t-shirts, NO tank tops.

Women: Pants or jeans in good repair, skirts and dresses of reasonable length. NO shorts.

Items that do not meet our dress code include: ball caps, athletic wear and ripped or torn jeans.

In order to protect the integrity of the venue, management reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of dress and refuse entry if necessary.


Don’t forget to include your RSVP details for your guest and a deadline as to when you would like to hear back from them.


For the most eye-catching invite start with selecting one strong image that represents the experience you are giving to your guest. Whether it is taking in the thrill of the Stampede Rodeo, the grandeur of the Evening Show or simply the idea of the Calgary Stampede, a good image that captures the spirit will set the tone. Don't forget to include the venue logo too! For your convenience the venue logos have been provided.


Choose a great photo to add something special to your invite.