Tickets & Guests


Depending on the size of your group, you will be issued combinations of tickets in a bound package for the Loge or Executive Suites.

You will note that the covers of the ticket books indicate the different days. You will receive a separate book for each day and/or event. If you are in the Loge each ticket indicates your seat number. If you are in the Executive Suites it indicates the suite number and corresponding seat number for the outdoor seat deck.

These tickets will also admit you to the Calgary Stampede through any of the three Calgary Stampede entrance gates and to the Grandstand on the day of the event.


Loge ticket holders who have purchased 10 or more events (any combination of afternoons and evenings) AND a minimum total of 40 tickets, will be issued a member card for special access to The Lazy S Showbar and Terrace Lounge throughout the Calgary Stampede, subject to venue capacity. The member card does not apply to the Executive Suites.

Guests who are invited by a member must enter The Lazy S with the member. Guests must meet the hosting member at the Grandstand entrance to The Lazy S (red awning on the noth side) and enter as a group. Guests escorted by the hosting member will have access to the Showbar and Terrace Lounge, but will not have access to any outdoor seating associated with the Loge or Executive Suites.

Members have the privilege to sign a maximum of three guests at a time into The Lazy S as long as the member is present (these guests must provide their own admission to the Calgary Stampede).

The member card gives you the following exclusive access and benefits:

  • Unlimited Calgary Stampede admission
  • Access to the Showbar and Terrace Lounge
  • The privilege to sign a maximum of three guests at a time, as long as the member is present (these guests must provide their own admission to the Calgary Stampede)

Special note: Your member card gives you access to The Lazy S even if you have given your tickets for that event to another member of your organization or group of guests. 

For more information contact Cheryl Harris at 403.261.9143 or


Extra Tickets for the Loge

Extra Loge tickets can be purchased by contacting Cheryl Harris at 403.261.9143 or

Larger groups may be accommodated separately by booking one of the Executive Suites in advance.

Extra Tickets for the Executive Suites

For your convenience, the optional extra tickets for your Executive Suite are enclosed in the ticket package. These tickets are not included in your suite rental, but are made available to you for hosting additional guests.

If you use the tickets and/or we do not receive them back, you will be billed for them on your final invoice.

Stampede Rodeo | $557 plus GST per person
Evening Show | $557 plus GST per person

If you do not make use of the optional extra tickets, you must return them to not be charged for their use. Only return the optional extra tickets by mail or courier no later than July 19, 2019. If we do not receive them by this date we will assume you enjoyed using them and you will be charged.


Tickets can be retuned by courier or by Canada Post. 


Calgary Stampede Sales Administration - Premium Seating
Attention: Donna Burdylo
c/o BMO Centre - 2nd Level
20 Roundup Way SE Calgary AB T2G 2W1


Calgary Stampede Sales Administration - Premium Seating
Attention: Donna Burdylo
1410 Olympic Way SE Calgary AB T2G 1W1

Children & Youths

Children and youths require a ticket for the Loge and Executive Suites and should conduct themselves in a manner congruent with the surroundings. Parents with children not adhering to this will be asked to remove their children from the premises.


All guests must hold a ticket. Therefore no visitors are permitted.

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