Tickets & Guests


As a Loge Seating ticket holder, you will have a truly unique experience at the Calgary Stampede. Your lunch and afternoon or your dinner and evening can proceed at whatever pace you wish. The following tips will help ensure a wonderful experience for you and your guests.

  • Upon entering The Lazy S, you have the option to enjoy a beverage in the comfortable indoor Showbar or Terrace Lounge areas (seating is not reserved) or proceed directly to your reserved outdoor seat.
  • Charges for beverages or menu items in the indoor lounge areas must be paid in full before proceeding to Loge Seating. These items are not included in your package.
  • Due to the fact that your dining and soft beverages are included in the Loge Seating ticket package you purchased, you must order your lunch or dinner from your seat only. At the conclusion of your meal, a bill will be presented for any alcoholic beverages, bottled water and virgin cocktails ordered.
  • We hope you will enjoy the indoor lounge areas after your Loge seating dining and the event has concluded.
  • The Lazy S accepts cash and all major credit cards for payment in both indoor lounge areas and the Loge Seating.


You will be issued a ticket for each seat reserved. Each ticket indicates your seat number. These tickets will also admit you to the Calgary Stampede and Grandstand on the day of the event, whether you choose to enter through any of the three Calgary Stampede entrance gates.


Extra tickets can be purchased by contacting Charyl Harris at 403.261.9143 or

Larger groups may be accommodated separately by booking one of the Executive Suites in advance.


Loge Seating ticket holders who have purchased 10 or more events (any combination of afternoons and evenings) will be issued a member card for special access to The Lazy S Showbar and Terrace Lounge throughout the Calgary Stampede. Subject to venue capacity.

More information is provided in a separate document for those ticket holders to whom this applies.

For more information contact Cheryl Harris at 403.261.9143 or


All children and youths occupying Loge Seating require a ticket and should conduct themselves in a manner congruent with the surroundings. Parents with children not adhering to this will be asked to remove their children from the premises.


All guests must hold a ticket. Therefore no visitors are permitted.