Loge Dining

Loge Dining is open daily from 11:30 am for the Stampede Rodeo and 6:00 pm for the Evening Show. Lunch or dinner in the loge is included with your ticket. There is no advance ordering required.

We recommend sitting in your loge seat no more than an hour after the doors open to ensure remarkable dining. Give yourself two hours to enjoy this well-staged four-course culinary experience. This exclusive chef tasting menu changes on day six with exception of the third course.

Guests who hold a ticket for either the afternoon or evening on the day of their event only can also choose to visit the Showbar or Terrace Lounge apart from their Loge Dining experience, a variety of menu items will be available. Charges apply.


The Calgary Stampede proudly embraces our agricultural roots and social responsibility by featuring ingredients from local producers and farmers.


An incredible four-course plated dining experience awaits. Yu'll enjoy chef's artistic culinary ensemble while watching the Stampede Rodeo or Evening Show. The 2016 loge dining room menu can be seen as a PDF in the side bar to the left under LOGE PRIVATE DINING. The 2017 menu will be released in May 2017.



We have hand-selected ten amazing wines, each with its own story. These wines and winemakers share a deep love for agriculture and farming along with our values of western heritage, uncompromised quality and environmentally and socially responsible practices. Far better than us telling their stories we have invited these people to join us daily to share their passion in person to celebrate our Winemaker Series.

You will also enjoy the variety we have chosen in all varietals including a showcase of big wines with big flavour. See our wine menu for selection and prices. See our 2016 wine menu PDF in the side bar to the left for selection and prices. The 2017 menu will be released in May 2017.


A full list of our signature cocktails, beer and spirits including scotch, whiskey and after thoughts are seen in our cocktail menu including exclusive selections from Labatt and Coca-Cola. The 2016 cocktail menu with brands and prices can be seen as a PDF in the side bar to the left under LOGE DINING. The 2017 menu will be released in May 2017.

For more information on food and beverage contact Kelly Angele at 403.818.0838 or kangele@calgarystampede.com.