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30X Saloon Infield Suites Lazy S Ranahans

Calgary Stampede Premium Seating has created some of the most impressive, most memorable places to truly experience the Stampede. Our venues include the Infield Suites, ranahans, 30X Saloon and The Lazy S. In these corporate hosting areas we provide unparalleled food and beverage experiences.

We require service professionals to assist us in creating premium experiences for our guests. Employment opportunities exist in the Infield Suites, ranahans, 30X Saloon and The Lazy S on a ten-day basis. We offer flexible schedules and a creative, energetic work environment.

We will be looking to fill the following positions:

  • Wait Staff
  • Bartenders
  • Bussers
  • Cooks
  • Dishwashers
  • Concierge/Guest Service Staff

For more information contact James Overall at 403.261.0506 or

"All of the Premium Seating staff always go over board in attending to our wishes. Needs are not an issue."

"Calgary Stampede Premium Seating is customer focused and communicative in all aspects relating to the event. They are always willing to assist in any manner."

"Service and location are first class!"

"Full marks for value, client service and overall experience - please keep it up. You operate a world class, top end, environment that is in alignment to the image and experience we must share with our future and current clients."

"I would like to thank everyone who helped us host this event. It was new to our business and all your information was greatly appreciated. It was an overall GREAT NIGHT!! Thank you! See you next year"

"Personalized service is excellent."

"The venue makes guests feel very privileged to have been invited."

"We had an amazing experience at a fabulous place to entertain our clients. Ready to book for next year."

"My clients are still raving about the event and thanking me for letting them experience the Stampede the premium way!"

"I would say that the Premium Seating experience is the best because you receive the total package. There is someone with you to help guide through the whole process. It is such a comforting feeling."

"Forget tux & tails night, if you want to experience the true hospitality of Calgary and see the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, you'll want to be front row at the Infield Suites. Tux & tail service with your jeans on!"

"World class event, excellent food & beverages with world class yet relaxed service."