Infield Suites Dining

The Infield Suites are open daily from 12:15 pm for the Stampede Rodeo at 1:30 pm and 7:00 pm for start of the Rangeland Derby at 8:00 pm. Lunch or dinner is included with your ticket. Alcoholic beverages, mocktails and specailty coffees are billed separately after the event to the suite-holder.

Sharing platters are set as guests arrive. A private in-suite attendant will use their culinary expertise to prepare a carved and flambeed item of your choice. You'll be able to choose another dish to add to your signature menu before desserts are set to share.

There are a variety of gluten-free and vegetarian choices throughout the menu and it will be up to the event coordinator to create a menu their guests will enjoy. If they choose an upgrade or premium item, extra charges will apply and you will be charged based on the number of platters or guests in your suite.

The event coordinator will need to complete an event order form and assign on on-site event host prior to their event. If the event host asks for additional food or beverage not already selected on the event order form, they will need to sign-off on the additional charges at the end of the event.


An event order form must be completed by the event coordinator no later than June 30, 2021. The event order form will launch in May from the homepage of this website. This is where you can tell us who your event host will be, make menu selections, select a bar and wine choice, advise of allergies and make special requests. A seperate form must be completed for each event.

If your order form has not been received by this date all choices will be made by our Premium Seating team and a premium host bar will be offered. To ensure quality and our ability to exceed your expectations, no exceptions will be made.


You will be asked to select one of the bar choices listed below on the event order form. Alcoholic beverages, mocktails and specailty coffees are billed separately after the event to the suite-holder. Please see the cocktail menu for the full selection and price list. Soft beverages including soft drinks, juice, regular coffee and tea are offered at no additional cost.


Wine, bottled beer, coolers and ciders will be charged to the suite-holder.


Wine, bottled beer, coolers, ciders, highballs, signature cocktails and spirits including liqueurs, shooters, tequila, whisky, scotch and special bar requests will be charged to the suite-holder.

We’ve selected a variety of bottled beer, coolers, cider and spirits to enjoy and they will be available in your suite based on your bar choice. These are our 2019 offerings, the 2021 menu will be released in May.

BOTTLED  Budweiser, Bud Light, Goose Island IPA, Corona, Stanley Park Windstorm, American Vintage Hard Iced Tea, Okanagan Apple Cider, Budweiser Prohibition (NA)

Michelob Ultra and Mongoza Pilsner (G) by special request.

SPIRITS  Ketel One vodka, Bombay Sapphire gin, Bacardi Superior rum, Bacardi Black rum, Bacardi Oakheart rum, Revel Stoke whisky, Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 whisky

If you would like to make a tequila, whisky, scotch or liqueur, from the cocktail menu available to your guests, please let us know.

Maximum three additional bottles. You'll also be able to tell us if you would like to offer your guests an opportunity to order cocktails and shooters or upgrades to the premium spirits already offered on the event order form. Suite-holders will be charged by the number of ounces consumed.

If you have a special bar request, please let us know. The suite-holder will be charged per bottle for the number of bottles opened at market price regardless of consumption. Labatt and Coca-Cola are our exclusive partners, therefore requests for other brands of beer or soft beverages can not be accommodated.


Our sommelier has crafted an inclusive wine list with select wines that will be featured in your suite. You can choose to replace or add to these feature wines from the wine menu. The wine menu is comprehensive and includes an abundance of varietals including wines represented through our Winemaker’s Series. 

If you would like to replace or add to the feature wine you can only choose from the wine menu and it must be included on the event order form. 

Please see the wine menu or contact us at for a hand in selecting the perfect wine for your guests. The suite-holder will be charged per open bottle. 

These are our 2019 offerings, the 2021 menu will be released in May.

CHATEAU FUISSE MACON-VILLAGES  Burgandy, France                         79

This versatile white offers aromas of stone and tropical fruit. The palate is delicate and medium bodied. Look for notes of oak, vanilla, more tropical fruit, honey and butter, followed by a long well-balanced finish.

AVALON CABERNET SAUVIGNON  Lodi, USA                                                79

This well-made red has enticing aromas of ripe juicy dark fruit, coffee, vanilla and spice. The palate is approchable, easy drinking and versatile with notes of black cherry, raspberry and plum.

CHATEAU DE BRIQUE ROSE  Provence, USA                                                 69

This summer sipper has ripe and fruity aromas and flavours that are crisp and fresh. Look for notes of raspberry and strawberry and good minerality. The finish is balanced and fresh.


You'll enjoy a wide variety of signature cocktails, beer and spirits including exclusive selections from Labatt and Coca-Cola. Cocktail service will be charged to the suite-holder.

These are our 2019 offerings, the 2021 menu will be released in May.


See the offerings for 2019, our 2021 menu will be released in May.

Special Meal Requests

We have included gluten-free and vegetarian options within the menu. There are plenty of gluten-free choices so no additional gluten-free requests will be needed. You can request a separate plated vegetarian meal when you complete the event order form. Please let us know if you have any guests with allergies.​

Special Bar Requests

If you would like to request a liquor or liqueur not already provided please let us know the brand and number of bottles. The suite holder will be charged per bottle for the number of bottles ordered at market price regardless of consumption. Labatt and Coca-cola are our exclusive partners, therefore requests for other suppliers for product that is offered by our partners can not be accommodated.


The Calgary Stampede proudly embraces our agricultural roots and social responsibility by featuring ingredients from local producers and farmers.

For more information contact Kelly Angele at 403.818.0838 or​

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