Tickets & Guests


Depending on the size of your Infield Suite, you will be issued 16, 18, 24, 30, 32, 50 or 60 tickets in a bound package. You will note that the cover of the ticket books indicate the different days. You will receive a separate book for each event and each day. These tickets will also admit you to the Calgary Stampede, Grandstand and Infield Grandstand on the day of the event, whether you choose to enter through Infield parking or any of the three Calgary Stampede entrance gates.


For your convenience, the optional extra tickets for your Infield Suite are enclosed in the ticket package. These tickets are not included in your suite rental, but are made available to you for hosting additional guests.

If you use the tickets and/or we do not receive them back, you will be billed for them on your final invoice.

Stampede Rodeo $550 plus GST per person
GMC Rangeland Derby $275 plus GST per person

If you do not make use of the optional extra tickets, you must return them to not be charged for their use. Please only the return the optional extra tickets by mail or courier no later than July 21, 2017. If we do not receive them by this date we will assume you enjoyed using them and you will be charged. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN TICKETS DURING THE CALGARY STAMPEDE.

Calgary Stampede Sales and Events - Premium Seating
Attention: Donna Burdylo
c/o BMO Centre - 2nd Level
20 Roundup Way SE Calgary AB T2G 2W1


Infield Suites for the evening provide Infield seating for the GMC Rangeland Derby only - your tickets will also allow you standing room or rush area seating for the TransAlta Grandstand Show, which follows the chuckwagon races each evening.

Should you require reserved seats, the best seats available on the main level of the Grandstand can be arranged for you at an additional charge before June 19, 2015. Tickets will be couriered to your attention.

July 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 or 17, 2016 $102 per person, includes GST
July 9, 15 or 16, 2016 $104 per person, includes GST

For Transalta Grandstand Show tickets contact Cheryl Harris at 403.261.9143 or


Children six and older require an Infield Suites ticket and should conduct themselves in a manner congruent with the surroundings. Parents with children not adhering to this will be asked to remove their children from the premises.


Guests who are invited by suite holders to access their Infield Suite on a “drop-in” basis will be asked to sign in and out of a guest book upon entry and exit to the Infield Suites. Should the guest visit time exceed 30 minutes in the suite, the suite holder will be charged $300 per person for the Stampede Rodeo and $150 for the GMC Rangeland Derby. All such guests will require their own Infield accreditation or tickets to access the Infield Grandstand.