Special Requests & Signage


Full concierge services are offered and we would be happy to assist with information on amenities, Calgary Stampede activities and schedules, ground transportation and anything else you can think of to help create that special experience. A concierge desk is located at the entrance to each venue.


To add that special something to your guests exclusive experience, you may want to request the following at no additional cost:

  • A visit from a rodeo competitor
  • An informative talk on the GMC Rangeland Derby chuckwagon races
  • A visit from the Calgary Stampede Queen and Princesses
  • A visit from the Indian Princess

All special appearances must be requested in advance. Rodeo competitors and Stampede royalty have limited time each day and therefore some requests may not be accommodated. Please be sure to include these requests on the event order form.

If anyone is celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary or if there are special guests from out of town, we can help make their Stampede experience memorable.

We are pleased to discuss these and other individual hosting opportunities to help turn your exclusive experience into a truly unique one.

For more information contact Kelly Angele at 403.818.0838 or kangele@calgarystampede.com.


If you choose to include gifting as a special part of your event, it is a good idea to ensure your guest can easily carry it with them when they leave. Consider how to display or present the gift and be sure that its size does not take up all the table space already in use for seating guests and food and beverage service. Extra tables can not be accommodated. Please let us know what you have in mind on the event order form.


If you are interested in sending along that special corporate touch by having signage displayed keep in mind that we can not affix anything to the walls and floor space is limited.

It is recommended that nothing larger than a simple pull-up banner stand be considered. No signage is to be displayed outside the door or at the entrance. The venue is not equipped with a podium, microphone or LCD/projector for presentations - take advantage of this intimate opportunity to conduct business on a one-to-one basis. Name tags are always a nice touch especially when hosting a group that may not know each other well - we can always accommodate for western hospitality, but keep in mind no additional tables for name tags can be accomodated in any suite.


Our team would be pleased to assist by storing gifting or signage at the venue in advance of your event and setting them out for you. Please note that these items must be received in our office PRIOR TO June 23, 2017 so that we can log them into our inventory and transport them to the venue before traffic on Stampede Park closes for the Calgary Stampede. After this date, arrangements must be made by contacting us directly.

All gifting and signage must be packaged in secure and sturdy boxes clearly labeled with the company name, venue and date of event. Boxes should be carry-on weight of no more that 35 lbs/16 kgs. If you plan on bringing gifting or signage with you on the day of your event, unfortunately we are unable to assist in the process. Stampede Park is open to pedestrian traffic only and it is not possible to bring substantial gifting in from designated parking or through any of the entries. As a side note, early access is not permitted.

Please courier all items PRIOR to June 23, 2017 to:

Calgary Stampede Sales and Events - Premium Seating
Attention: Donna Burdylo
c/o BMO Centre - 2nd Level
20 Roundup Way SE Calgary AB T2G 2W1

It's a good idea to have your courier call us in advance of delivery so we can be sure we prepare for its arrival and proper storage.

For more information contact Donna Burdylo at 403.261.9349 or dburdylo@calgarystampede.com.